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The time is finally here. We will be REOPENING BINGO on Sunday. Games start at 1:30p.m., doors open at 12pm. There will not be a concession stand or ice maker available at this time. The plan is to schedule it once a month until the dust settles and sessions run smoothly.
• Initial packets are $40 or $25: includes Early Bird, Admission and Jackpot.
• Sales of initial packs will stop when game 1 starts. Additional sheets and progressives can be purchased throughout gaming period.
• Please adhere to BINGO rules and regulations as we would like for the events to continue.
• Be respectful and patient towards the volunteers, we can't run things without them.
• There is no smoking, vaping or dipping within the Legion Hall.
So, dust off the good luck charms, unpack your daubers, don't forget your drink and GOOD LUCK/HAPPY WINNINGS!!!!

American Legion Post 74
Charlottesville, VA

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